NaNoWriMo 2001: Part 4

Day 13 has just begun. I haven’t written anything in 4 days. Roughly 6,000 words behind.


Gonna try to get back into it.

And just to share: 


Background Noise

NaNoWrimo is progressing. Straggling behind by about a day, but sticking with it. I could really use a 4-5k word day.

One part of my writing process is that I need noise. It’s kind of funny but silence drives me to distraction. You’ll notice that I’ve been listing a few things in my NaNoWriMo posts (livejournal made it a lot easier, but whatever). Maybe turn on the TV or put in a movie – something that can be in the background. But if I really need to get some progress, it’s music.

Here’s a small selection of the last 24 hours: