NaNoWriMo 2011: Part 5

Holy crap, I’ve actually started writing again.

Long, long way yet to go.

Playing in the Background: Apocalyptica, Flogging Molly, Alestorm, Dropkick Murphys

Current Word Count: 15,462/23,338.

Edit: Okay, it’s about an hour later. New word count: 16,071/23,338.


GET. UP. His elbow bent as he propped his palm against the ground for leverage.
The mantra resounded through his head.
James pushed, forcing himself to knees. His vision swam and mind reeled with the surge. He tried to steady himself with an arm against the car door, but the chicken pot pie that had been dinner surged forward with a violent heave, painting the black asphalt.

Background Noise

NaNoWrimo is progressing. Straggling behind by about a day, but sticking with it. I could really use a 4-5k word day.

One part of my writing process is that I need noise. It’s kind of funny but silence drives me to distraction. You’ll notice that I’ve been listing a few things in my NaNoWriMo posts (livejournal made it a lot easier, but whatever). Maybe turn on the TV or put in a movie – something that can be in the background. But if I really need to get some progress, it’s music.

Here’s a small selection of the last 24 hours: