NaNoWriMo 2011: Part 3

Okay, I’m going to stop posting these every day, I swear.

Today was shaky. Slept in which left me 1000 words behind. Managed to catch up and actually bounce a bit ahead once I finished chapter 2 and FINALLY introduced my main character.

Playing in the background: Thrice, Mastodon, and Avenged Sevenfold

Quote of the day:

It was this final image, the pair of them gazing out of the rear of an old wood-panelled station wagon, the Carlsbad Special Needs Home fading into the distance, that Hector now scribbled onto the clean white paper. The sound of the charcoal wasn’t quite as calming as the pencils his sister had used, but he found himself relaxing bit by tiny bit. The bare bulb hanging from a cord above his desk wasn’t very bright, widely casting shadows as it swung back and forth. He had jerked it pretty hard in the mad rush from his bed, the nightmares still fresh in his mind.
Current Word Count: 5,342/4,998.

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