NaNoWriMo 2011: Part 1

So day 1 is behind us. *whew*

1,765 words and already got about another 600 towards Day 2. That’s not a bad start considering that so far I’ve written the first half of a prologue and the first part of chapter 1, but the tail of neither. And still haven’t introduced my main character. Hopefully that’ll happen with chapter 2.

Yes, I write short chapters. Thankfully that’s acceptable in the genre I’ve chosen to write – thriller/action/mystery. I was tempted to switch to horror and match Brandon and Ian in a competition for fucked-up-ness, but that isn’t something I think I could write for more than a few days without getting really bored. Instead I’ll just do my normal job – inflict copious amounts of damage on their psyche, this time in an effort to inspire.

Obviously this blog is going to slow a bit now that NaNoWriMo has begun. I’ll try to post every couple of days. I actually took a bit of time and surfed through my old LiveJournal account, where I recorded my last NaNo efforts. I know most people always think they’re passed writings are crap, but I always think that mine were wittier and funnier, like I’m losing my touch. Then again, those posts were pretty frustrated.

Tonight is going to be the first time I attend a NaNo write-in. Wonder how many looks I get writing on my cell phone. With the battery shot, my laptop just isn’t worth lugging around. Okay, back to the grind.


Playing in the Background: Blue Planet marathon on Animal Planet

Current Word Count: 2,353



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