This weekend marks the first anniversary of Untappd, a social networking site for drunks beer enthusiasts. It’s a lot like an adult version of Foursquare, allowing you to share favorite locations and beverages with friends. I’ve been a member since February ’11 (some of you may have noticed the badge in my social chainlinks), and find it one of the more useful social applications. For starters, there’s the badges – I know, it’s tacky and shallow, but what can I say, sometimes that’s just who I am. That said, some of the challenges are quite enjoyable and really help expand the beer palate.

And therein lies the real value of Untappd – it is one of the best means of discovering new beers. Whether through badge-chasing, recommendations from your friends, or looking at what’s trending (divided into micro and macro brews, but also can be location based), Untappd does a real good job of expanding your knowledge base. It will even offer suggestions based on your previous beverages.

To celebrate the anniversary, Untappd hosted parties in three of it’s largest markets – LA, NYC, and Boston. Sadly I was unable to attend last night, but I hear it was a great get-together. I believe they may have even marked their 2 millionth check-in!

Happy Birthday Untappd!

Interested? Well, Untappd is available from your computer, but it really shines when you use it on your smartphone, either through their special mobile-friendly website (same URL) or in their new native app (available for both Android and Apple). If you join up and check in sometime in the next few hours you’ll still be able to get the Anniversary badge! But don’t fret if you miss it – the next special event is November 3rd, International Stout Day! Stout is also my favorite style of beer! Won’t you join me in raising a pint to celebrate it’s glory?!


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