Live Dangerously

Every week a member of The Blogenning picks a topic for the collective to write a post about. Last week Ian started our second rotation with the topic of NaNoWriMo. This week is my turn.

While the last time I picked the topic it came to me pretty naturally, I was a bit puzzled at what to do for this one. And then it came to me. To not just write a post, but to try and do something: to issue my fellow Blogenauts (yes, I’ve just coined a new term) a challenge!

Now, now – just hear me out. I recognize that we’re all busy people and there’s no fun in forced obligation. So this challenge can be as simple or as time-consuming as you deem it.

The challenge: Try Something New.

I love new things. To explore, learn, and grow. To break from the monotony of routine and stretch your horizons. Personally, I think it’s a necessary part of living – providing an opportunity, however small or short-lived, to wake the brain, rekindle the senses, and rejuvenate the spirit. To make a memory that stands out, above the muck of the day-to-day. There’s even some research to back me up! My WTFood pieces are an example of how I try to apply this to my life. I love how much social networking has provided a means of discovering events and places.

So, fellow Blogenning members, here’s the challenge:

Try something new and then share it via a post. It’s fine if you don’t have a lot of time – it can be something small. Here’s a cultural example: two weeks ago was the Jewish high holiday of Rosh Hashana – the start of the new year. A lot of people are familiar with the traditional apple-and-honey custom – but there’s actually one far more interesting: the new fruit. As part of welcoming the new year, a person is supposed to eat a piece of fruit that hasn’t been eaten for at least a year. Judaism even has a blessing for every time something is done for the first time (Shehechiyanu), expressing thanks for the experience and opportunity to grow.

A new food – how difficult is that? But, just in case you aren’t the epicurious type, I came up with a few examples, breaking them into simple and challenging. The thing to keep in mind is that it should be new to you!

Simple: Try a food you’ve never had before; Play a type of instrument foreign to you; Take a new way home from work; Go to a new restaurant

Challenging: Bake a pie from scratch; Write an original song; Explore a new part of the city; Go to an ethnic restaurant with a type of food you’ve never had before (i.e. Tibetan, Ethiopian, etc)

See, none of those are particularly daunting! Okay, maybe the pie from scratch – that’s a bitch the fist few times. So embrace my challenge – who knows, you might even surprise yourself and enjoy it!


p.s. I’ll be posting my “new thing” later this week as a kind of ‘part 2’.

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