A Bewitching Guise

Yet another week passes, and with it, a Blogenning topic! This week’s: Halloween Costumes (set by Tom, who takes immense pride in putting together a top-rate ensemble).

Halloween isn’t really my thing. To you it means dressing up, going to parties, laughing with friends, binging on candy, and celebrating the highlights of Fall. To be someone else for a night. But to me, who’s spent pretty much every Halloween of the last decade working, it means streets packed with screaming 20-somethings carrying bottles of “Gatorade”, scantily-clad men and women puking on the sidewalk, and people using the holiday as an excuse to cause general chaos and mayhem. And waste. So much waste. It’s basically a Friday night on overdrive. But that’s what you sign up for when you work the night shift at an urban University.

That said, I’ve never really one for dressing up. Last year was the first Halloween I took off in years and I wore a suit. Meh. It isn’t that I dislike costumes – I have way too many friends who seriously pursue cosplay to be that obtuse – it’s just never been for me. I remember doing it a bit as a kid, and there was some small effort made for Purim, but at some point that childhood passion for whimsy shriveled. I can appreciate the effort and ingenuity some people invest in the night, but let’s face it – that isn’t even what the night is about for most people over 15.

Does part of me envy that sense of innocence and abandon? Sure. But most of me is simply too practical. There’s no endgame there that I’m interested in. And the rest of me… well, the rest of me could probably use some intense therapy, so probably best keep it under wraps. I know, shame on me for missing out. For not being able to cut loose and enjoy the moment. But that’d be wrong. I do enjoy the moment. In fact, on  a daily basis, I probably take more opportunities to do so than most (a fact I’m quite thankful for). I simply do it my way.

So maybe a visit to Salem this year. And, if whimsy strikes, an eye-patch.


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