Frustrations, Agitations, Aggravations

As a member of this merry Blogenning band, once a week we post about a communal topic. This week’s Blogenning topic, set byAndrea, is “Things I Hate”.

As Brandon pointed out, ‘hate’ is overused, not to mention that this blog is public so I need to be a bit politic. As he took the word ‘dislike’, I’m going to use ‘frustrate’.

But I’m also going to start with an exception.

First on my list is summer humidity. This tropical tango of heat and humidity doesn’t frustrate me – I loathe it. The cloying, sweat-inducing, moistness of it. It’s disgusting. Seriously, the number of showers I take in that weather is ridiculous.

Second, stupidity. Here I need to be clear. I don’t mean ignorance. Ignorance is a lack of knowing. It can be innocent or honest. Stupidity, however, is willful. It’s, for whatever reason, refusing to learn or apply knowledge/reason/logic when given ample opportunity or cause. Stupidity is mental laziness. And it is so very frustrating.

Next is laziness. Anyone who knows me will call bullshit, and I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a pretty lazy guy. But I don’t mean just plain laziness here – I believe there’s a time and place to relax just as much as there’s one for applying oneself. It’s innapropriate laziness that gets my goad. I’m not talking about taking that extra step, but just covering your responsibilities. Not shirking your duty. Not pawning it off on someone else with some flimsy justification. Not telling me you’re “prioritizing” and then balk when I ask what other priorities there are.

The thing is, all of these pet-peeves aren’t only things I can’t stand about the world – they’re parts of myself. I loathe humidity because it makes me sweat, but I need to get in shape. Stupidity is frustrating because there are moments when my own obstinance gets in the way. Laziness agitates me because it’s something I combat on a regular basis. But that’s just it –  I work at fixing these things about myself. I spend every day trying to better myself. And while I slip pretty often, I get back up – mainly because part of my brain starts chastising the other parts until they get off their lazy asses. And it usually works (this blog being an aggravating exception). And it frustrates me how many people don’t. How many give up (if they even try).

Hopefully one day I’ll have improved enough to serve as a worthy example. Until then, I’ll just keep trying.

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