A Note to Myself

Each week, as part of The Blogenning, one participant picks a topic for everyone to post about. This week’s theme, set by Brandon, is a letter. More specifically, a letter to yourself 10 years in the past.


You’re just superstitious enough to believe that this might be real, so heed my words:
This is you, writing from the year 2011. I’ve got some pointers, though, knowing you as well as I do, you’re not going to take many of these to heart, even if I prove it.
First, use your self control. Stop acting on a whim and out of fear. You’re going to need to be strong in the coming days, so conquer your insecurities. Take it slow, but be steadfast.
Two, get your driving license now. Find a way to get past the hurdles that accident set.
Three, stop worrying so much and open up. It’s too late to tell her yes, but there will be others.
Four, that doesn’t mean being emo. No one cares for that shit. It also doesn’t mean you should be an asshat. Just be honest and know when to keep your mouth shut.
Five, CJ is cool, but it isn’t really what you want to do.
And finally, most importantly, stand by your friends. You already know this one, but the future is going to be rocky. Don’t try to fix anything, just be there.

I could say more, but we both know that’d make things too easy. Just don’t be afraid to give it your all and you’ll do fine.


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