The Blogenning

I’m big enough to admit that a substantial part of dusting off this blog is to take part in a cooperative program some of my friends conduct as motivation for posting. A program named to evoke memories of classic horror tales:

The Blogenning.

(Though shouldn’t it be ‘Bloggening’? ‘Bloggenning’?)

Either way, there are some rules.

1. Always talk about The Blogenning.

2. Always. Talk. About. THE BLOGENNING. (There is an obvious penchant for melodrama)

3. A minimum of three posts a week. Failure to comply shall be met with much mocking and derision.

4. The Rotation.

At least one of the 3 posts shall cover that week’s topic/theme. This shall be dictated by that week’s lead blogger (“The Blogenner”?) as dictated alphabetically.

Failure to participate in the rotation results in a penalty post (i.e. two posts related to that topic the following week). If unable to meet that, punishment shall be meted out by members of the group (I believe there was some mention of a stuffed animal full of quarters).

5. Have fun. No point if you aren’t enjoying yourself. Or at the least making others suffer by reading your crap aloud on the bus.

There have apparently been two previous attempts at The Blogenning. And much like any campaign, each met with some level of success, but was eventually halted due to the facts of life. The participants have since matured some, so this third iteration should bear decent fruit. Or nuclear fallout.

While I’m not familiar with many of the participants, I do count a few of them as dear friends. I’m sure I’ll get to know the others well enough as we progress and the resulting restraining orders will give us something to laugh at when we’re old and crotchety.

The contributors, in I believe the correct order, are:

For expediency’s sake as much as my own, I’ve created a dedicated list in the sidebar for quick navigation to these specific blogs.
I hope they like me!

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