World War Z

58. World War Z (Audiobook) by Max Brooks. 6 hours long. Published October 2007.


Rumors of a plague begin to spread. Beginning in rural China and quickly swarming west, the dead have begun to rise. Soon the entire world is enveloped in panic as zombies begin to feast on the unwary.

World War Z serves to chronicle the aftermath, recording live testaments from survivors around the world. From the doctor treating the initial outbreak to refugees in India and military personnel from Israel, South Africa, and the U.S., this documentary depicts how the world failed to realize the threat until it was almost too lat and then fought to regain supremacy.

I felt that for a book this theatric, the audio performance would be far more fitting. With actors like Alan Alda reading the roles and Brooks himself acting as the interviewer, even this abridged version is a real treasure. My only qualm with the performance lies in Brook’s occasional interruption to describe the behavior or feelings of the interviewee – something that comes through in their voice.

With everyone reading this book before the movie is released, the audiobook is a worthwhile and entertaining alternative to turning the physical pages.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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