Preacher: Until the End of the World

GN 27. Preacher vol. 2: Until the End of  the World by Garth Ennis. Illustrated by Steve Dillon. 264 p. Published January 1997.

12302008-preacher2 In this second volume of Preacher, we come to uncover the backstories for both Custer and Tulip. The two are caught by a pair of men from Custer’s past and the Preacher is shocked to find that his powers don’t work on them. Forced to return to where he was raised, Custer must confront his gandmother, the evil head of his family, or else end up like his parents.

Yet even when Custer and Tulip manage to escape, they find bigger enemies to worry about. Hunted by an ancient orginization bent on controlling the world through Custer, the pair meet up with Cassidy and together try finding a way out of trouble. But they won’t escape unscathed.

I found the most interesting partsof Until the End of the World to be the ones without any of the main characters. The story of Custer’s parents and the motivations of the secret organization serve as the real meat of this volume, providing a captivating image of how dark yet human this world can be. With subject matter not for the faint of heart, Until the End of the World succinctly ties up the past while propelling the series toward a greater plot.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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