Sky Doll

GN 26. Sky Doll by Barbera Canepa and Alessandro Barbucci. 144 p. Published November 2008.

12012008-skydoll Sky Doll is the flagship in Marvel’s new line of comics imported from Soliel, a premier European publisher.

Noa is a life-like android, known casually as a “Sky Doll.” With no rights or freedom, Sky Dolls serve the needs of the state – no matter how lascivious or depraved. Knowing nothing but a life of such service, most dolls comply. But not Noa; she dreams of more. And the arrival of two missionaries, Roy and Jahu, proves to be her ticket out.

Hoping to escape her slavery, Noa stows away on their ship. But these agents of Lodovica, the Holy Mother, are not all they appear to be, and Noa is taken across the stars, an unwitting participant in a war between religions.

Sky Doll is a masterpiece. Beautifully detailed artwork and fantastic coloring are perfectly partnered with a thrilling plot line and a truly immersive world. Each chapter reveals something new about the characters and how their hidden pasts all weave together. Ending with a real promising hook (and stunning state-side sales), Sky Doll promises that its eventual continuation is well worth the wait.

Please note that both the artwork and material of Sky Doll is for mature readers only.

Rating: 5 out of 5


2 responses to “Sky Doll

  1. Hey I came across your site after reading one of your comments on whitechapel and I noticed the your name direwolf…is it George RR Martin inspired? or just common love for mythical creatures? (Im Blackfish on whitechapel btw) Anyways I like your site here and I’ll definitely be checking in to read up again. Nice work you have here. Take Care.


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