Cally’s War

52. Cally’s War (Legacy of Aldenata) by John Ringo. 326 p. Published October 2004.

At the end of Hell’s Faire, Cally and her grandfather were declared dead, casualties of the nuclear exchange during the final Posleen push. In reality they were snuck out by members of the Benne Sidh, a secret organization working against the industrial-political powers running the galaxy.

Finishing the training her grandfather started, the Benne Sidh raised Cally to be one of their spy-assassins, and for the last 40 years she’s been living a life of aliases, random lovers, and violent endings. As Cally finishes each mission and the miraculous medical sciences patch her up good as new, she finds pieces of herself have begun to slip away and she worries that it may be to late to start having a real life. However, any hope of that happening has to be put on hold for Cally’s next mission.

There’s a traitor in the Benne Sidh, selling information to the military. Cally, physically altered to match an actual officer, is planted as a secretary in the counter-intelligence office investigating her organization. Digging around, Cally finds herself sleeping with the general, but falling for  his aid-de-camp. Pulled between finding the traitor, keeping her secrets, and her attractions, Cally must come to terms with what she wants out of life. And the Benne Sidh must figure out whether Cally is worth the risk of extracting.

Setting Cally’s War 40 years later, Ringo gives the reader an idea of how humanity is fairing after repulsing the invasion. Despite the interesting look into the future and Cally’s development, the switch in pace from the previous 4 novels took some getting used to. Despite that and a few predictable twists, Cally’s War provides a decent enough read.

The first five chapters of Cally’s War are available on the publisher’s website.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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