The Lost Ones

GN 20. The Lost Ones by Steve Niles. Illustrated by Morning Breath, Dr. Revolt, Gary Panter, and Kime Buzzelli. 78 p. Published in 2008.

The Lost Ones is a collaborative art effort hosted by Microsoft’s Zune Arts. It brings Steve Niles, author of 30 Days of Night, together with “a horror-genre revivalist, a grafitti legend, a skate art duo, a fashion designer, and the king of punk art.” Together, they tell the story of Duncan, Roxy, Cynthia, and Rasheed – four people looking to take extreme sports to new heights.

Looking to create a new sport, our four intrepid heroes develop a technology for “extreme planet jumping.” But instead of finding themselves on another planet, our four pioneers become lost in a twisted parrallel of our own universe, where life has taken a shocking turn from reality. Running from cowboy-inspired aliens, the group jumps from reality to reality, each one more disturbed than the last. As they continue to jump around searching for their own earth, the group must come to terms with the nature of creativity and reflect on their lives.

While the story of The Lost Ones isn’t all that original, its eclectic artwork provides a wholly unique dimension. Each chapter, while drawn by a different artist, pulls from the work before it. This collaboration culminates in providing a revolutionary work of graphic art.

I recieved my copy of The Lost Ones free from my local comic shop, but it can also be read for free or downloaded from the Zune Arts site.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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