Suburban Glamour, Vol 1

GN 19. Suburban Glamour Vol. 1 by Jamie McKelvie. 104 p. Published February 2008.

Astrid Johnson is trying to get through being a teenager in high school. Homework, boys, and not being understood are the usual priorities, but things are starting to change. Suddenly visited by imaginary friedns from her childhood, Astrid finds herself submerged in a world of fairie and monsters. Not knowing who she can trust, Astrid is left vulnerable while ancient beings battle over her destiny. But whomever they think they are, these fairie never considered the challenge a teenage girl could pose to their plans.

I found Suburban Glamour to be more about McKelvie’s unique artisitc vision than about the story. The plot in this first volume is rather weak, and his characters, while possessing depth, take a back seat to the comic’s design. That said, this comic is a pleasure if you’re looking for a light read, and would have been perfect for A Midsummer Night’s Challenge if I had know of it at the time.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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