August ’08 Wrap Up

I know this is a few days behind, but it’s just been that kind of month. I thought I’d get more reading done in August, but… that didn’t happen. A change in my work schedule didn’t leave much time for reading, and my vacation last week was far more active than I expected (though I don’t regret it). On the bright side, it seems like August was a pretty slow month for everyone.

In July I read 5 books, totalling 2,882 pages and 8 graphic novels. August was a bit slower (I blame Dreamsongs, that book took forever to finish):

1. Hell’s Faire by John Ringo

2. The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller

3. If Chins Could Kill by Bruce Campbell

4. Dreamsongs, Volume 1 by George R.R. Martin

Number of Books: 4
Number of Pages: 1,993

To add to this meager total, I read 3 graphic novels (Suburban Glamour, The Lost Ones, and The Middleman).

I’d say the only things that really stood out about this month are the fact that I didn’t participate in a single Weekly Geeks (just far too busy), Fyrefly’s discussions on our mutual reviews, and being quoted as part of a review involving the rise in post-apocalyptic YA fiction.

I’m hoping September will provide a better balance between work and reading. The first couple of books are non-fiction, but I expect some big name fiction to grace my shelves by the end of the month. Of course, if you have any recomendations or wish to discuss the books I’ve reviewed, feel free to comment here or on any of the posts.


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