Hell’s Faire

44. Hell’s Faire (Legacy of the Aldenata) by John Ringo. 336 p. Published May 2003.

This fourth book in The Legacy of the Aldenata was supposed to be part of the third, When the Devil Dances. However, the events of 9/11 being what they were, the story was postponed to the point where another book was necessary.

Continuing directly after When the Devil Dances, this novel follows Michael O’Neal and the 555th Mobile Infantry as they attempt to plug the Posleen push into the Appalachian defenses. Meanwhile, Shiva Nine is repaired and refitted; it’s mission – to move in and support the 555th before they are eliminated. However, the Posleen, having infiltrated the Human’s intelligence network, have begun to adapt their tactics, tailoring them to methods learned from mankind itself.

Nearby, Cally, Wendy, Elgars, Shari, and Mosovich have their own problems. With nuclear arms now regularly pounding the region, they will have to really work hard at surviving.

Hell’s Faire includes some of Ringo’s greatest combat scenarios. With a stunning mix of mayhem and merriment, this novel is a true pleasure to read. Admittedly, the ending comes off a little contrived, but there really is no alternative possibility.

Included with the hardcover version of Hell’s Faire is a CD containing a real cache of bonus material.

A free online version of this book is available by the publisher.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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