July ’08 Wrap Up

Wow, July just flew right past. If you haven’t noticed by the scarcity of posts (and my lack of involvement in challenges), I’ve been pretty busy with work and random real life issues. But, I still managed to get some reading done.

In June I read 8 books (totalling 2,531 pages) and 5 graphic novels. July, however, was far more graphic novel intensive.

For books, we have these five:

1. Renegade’s Magic by Robin Hobb

2. Gust Front by John Ringo

3. When the Devil Dances by John Ringo

4. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

5. Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

Number of Books: 5
Number of Pages: 2,882

As for Graphic Novels, however, we have 8 read and 6 reviewed (Empowered 1 and 2,  Sandman 4 and 5, the 2nd volume of Buffy Season 8, and the 1st volume of Fables). I also read the newest trade of Invincible and the final volume of Y the Last Man, both of which I’ll review shortly.

August is going to be interesting. There are a few newer books waiting for me, including The Decieved, sequel to The Cleaner, which was the first book I reviewed for Chain of Letters. At the same time, I’ll be spending the end of the month on vacation, which means a lot of last minute review writing.

If you have any recomendations or wish to discuss the books I’ve reviewed, feel free to comment here or on any of the posts. I look forward to your feedback.


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