GN 17. Empowered Vol. 2 by Adam Warren. 203 p. Published September 2007.

The first volume of Empowered introduced us to “Empowered,” our trouble-prone heroine, her ex-henchman boyfriend Thugboy, and best-friend Ninjette. These three are joined by the “Caged Demonwolf,” a cosmic beast of destruction trapped in some alien-tech bondage gear, and The “Superhomeys” – the group of superheroes that routinely save Emp.

In Volume 2, we join Emp as she continues down the brave path of accident-prone heroine. And while some Superhomeys are coming to recognize her bravery, the majority of Heroes and Villains remain stubborn in their despise. Eventually both Demonwolf and Ninjette are fed up, and Ninjette dons Emp’s Supersuit in an effort to boost her reputation.

Meanwhile, Thugboy continues to sweat as dreams of his past threaten the happy life he’s found with Emp. Oblivious to Thugboy’s distress, Emp continues to dive in the line of fire. In the final chapter, “Fruity Flakes,” we learn a bit more about why Emp chose the superhero’s path after personal tragedy.

This second volume of Empowered shows Warren’s gift for taking a throw-away erotica character and developing a deep and lovable character. This volume develops Empowered and her world into an intriguing parallel of super-heroism. Embracing her (many) flaws, Emp exhibits a level of innocence and bravery rare among the Superhero genre. At the same time, her emotional investment in everything she does has gathered around her a cadre of reliable and dedicated friends who look up to her.

As with the first volume, this book is marked for Explicit Content.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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