The Sandman: The Doll’s House

GN 11. The Sandman Vol. 2: The Doll’s House by Neil Gaiman. Illustrated by Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, and Chris Bachalo. 240 p. Published September 1991.

In Preludes and Nocturnes we met Morpheus – The Sandman, Lord of Nightmares, also known as Dream of the Eternals. Still cleaning up the mess left by his absence, Dream begins to track 4 dreams who used the opportunity to escape the Dreamworld. The key to finding these rogue nightmares lies with the newly awakened Dream Vortex, which has taken form in the shape of Rose, a young woman searching for her long missing brother. But Dream isn’t the only one taking advantage of the Vortex. Desire, a younger member of the Eternals, wants to play games with Morpheus’s heart.

As Dream follows his escaped minions, Rose continues to search for her brother, and the two journeys are linked. From the mind of a small boy, to the 1st annual serial killers convention, The Sandman goes about reclaiming what’s his. But as the book comes to closer to its conclusion, so does the confrontation between Dream and the entity which threatens his realm.

With The Doll’s House, Gaiman continues to build a fantastic vision of our world. My favorite chapter, with its dark wit, was Part 5: The Collectors, which showcases the maniacs’ convention. Using each chapter’s individual story, Gaiman builds an overarching plot that reveals a little bit more of how The Eternals interact with humanity and, with his final twist, how humanity can effect The Eternals. With the beginnings of Dream’s evolution, Gaiman offers a glimpse into how The Sandman will proceed.

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Rating: 4 out of 5

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