Ice Station

32. Ice Station by Matthew Reilly. 390 p. Published September 2000.

The latest book in this series was recommended to me by a friend’s mother. I decided to start at the beggining.
Lieutenant Shane “Scarecrow” Schofield and his team of Marines are sent to Halley Station, a science lab buried in the ice of Antarctica, in response to a mysterious call for help. Part of the message: the scientists believe they have found an alien craft buried nearly a mile down.

Scarecrow and the others arrive to find that the French have beaten them to the station and they are forced into battle. While the team comes out victorious, the damage they have taken leaves them crippled. Faced with a traitor in his team, incoming hostiles, and even nature working against him, Schofield relinquishes control of the base in favor of protecting the surviving scientists. But first he has a few of his marines and one scientist descend under the ice to examine and secure whatever is down there. Faced with a situation where survival is impossible, Schofield performs stunningly as a series of events work to shake the very foundations of the military and the U.S. Government.

Ice Station is a brilliant mix of suspense, espionage, action, and science fiction. Scarecrow is quite the remarkable character, and the trials Reilly puts him through are almost sadistic in their ingenuity. With a gift for tactics and ingenious weapon ideas, Reilly guides the reader through the depth of military intrigue. With a well paced plot and a story that ducks and dodges with every chapter, Reilly’s Ice Station keeps you on your toes until the very end. This book sets an excellent foundation for a series.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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