GN 10. Crécy by Warren Ellis. Illustrated by Raulo Caceres. 48 p. Published July 2007.

August 26th, 1346 will forever be remembered in military history. The story follows William of Stonham, an English archer in service to King Edward. He and a small army of 1200 have invaded France, cutting and burning villages across the country side with the simple idea that the best defense is a good offense.

But now the French army, with its overwhelming numbers, has caught up and is driving the English toward Crécy. This is where the battle will happen and where the English Longbow rises into history.

With disparaging wit, captivating dialogue, and a good grip on the strategy and tactics involved, Ellis works to bring the reader into the 12th century. Caceres’ illustrations, detailed yet imbued with their own emotion, are simply breathtaking. While short, Crécy is a truly embracing graphic novel, just don’t expect your innocence to survive unscathed.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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