Coyote Dreams

31. Coyote Dreams (The Walker Papers) by C.E. Murphy. 408 p. Published May 2007.

This third book occurs in the aftermath of Thunderbird Falls. Joanne finds a mystical epidemic spreading across the city. People are falling asleep and not waking up. And the Seattle PD appear to be targeted more than anyone else. But with Coyote, her spirit guide, still missing, Joanne can’t figure out if the twisting dreams she’s been having are related. Of course, that doesn’t include the dreams she’s been having about her Captain. Joanne knows what those mean, but she’s not so certain they’re what she wants to follow.

But when she meets Mark and Captain Morrison begins dating Barb, Mark’s sister, it becomes pretty obvious that they both need to focus on their professional relationship. With a crisis brewing and more cops in the hospital every day, Morrison gives Joann free reign to work her mumbo-jumbo and fix the problem. But for Joanne to figure out what’s going on, she’s going to have to buckle down and start confronting her problems – including the ones from her youth.

In Coyote Dreams Joanne hits her stride, and finally begins to accept her role as a shaman. While she’s managed to survive the crises of the last two books, she begins to realize just how much she’s been getting in her own way. Murphy, who has spent much of the past novels developing all the periphery characters, finally focuses solely on maturing Joanne. With a plot that swerves all over the city and in and out of this plane of reality, Coyote Dreams becomes the perfect launching point for the remainder of the series.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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