Hard Rain

16. Hard Rain (John Rain Series) by Barry Eisler. 366 p. Published July 2004.

This is the sequel to Rain Fall and second book in the John Rain series. We rejoin Rain in Osaka, Japan. And what would be a better time than when he’s about to kill someone? Because John Rain is an assassin, specializing in “accidental or suicidal” causes of death.

While relaxing in one of the better Jazz clubs in the city, Rain is confronted by Tatsu, an agent of the Keisatsucho (Japanese FBI). Tatsu, who has worked his entire life weeding out the corruption in the Japanese government, has a request for Rain: track down and kill another assassin. When John is later approached by a contact from the Christians In Action for the same target, he knows that something big is in the works.

With his usual tact, Rain winds his way through harrowing dangers. But this latest plot doesn’t only risk him, but Harry and Midori, his best friend and the girl he loves who believes him dead.

Eisler continues to flaunt his skills in creating a stunning work of suspense. As before, Eisler’s use of Japanese dialog and real-world locations lends authenticity to his work. With every page adding to the intrigue, Hard Rain builds off the acclaim from Rain Fall and raises Eisler to the top of the procedural espionage and thriller genre.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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