Weekly Geeks #3

So, after long deliberation, I decided to do the meme portion of this week’s Weekly Geeks Challenge. The meme was created by Beastmama, another Weekly Geek.

1. What is the earliest book you remember loving?

I would have to say Where the Wild Things Are. It fascinated me for years.

2. When you were younger, which book characters did you want to be in your circle of friends?

Hmm. I would have to go for The Boxcar Children. I swear I read every one of those books. That and Animorphs as I grew a little older. I would daydream about both of them.

3. What books do you have nostalgia for as an adult?

I can still remember the first times I read The Sword of Shannarah and The Hobbit. And the time I borrowed the first three books of Asimov’s Foundation series from my dad. The feel of the paperbacks. Staying in bed all weekend, absorbing every detail. Memories like those are part of what drive me as a reader.

4. What books do you wish to share with the kids in your life?

There are so many classics that will never grow old. The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, the tales of Sherlock Holmes, various Agatha Christies, and all the books of Redwall.

5. More philosophical question— how do you think your childhood reading shaped what you like to read as an adult?

Dramatically. I spent so many hours after school delving through the fiction stacks at my local library. Genre fiction – Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery – still propel my passions today. The few non-fiction books I read as a kid were focussed on strange science phenomena and unique or bizzarre historical accounts. Little has changed there.

4 responses to “Weekly Geeks #3

  1. Is it kinda sad that I can give pretty much the exact same answers for all of those? Although I think I read Watership Down around the same time I read Where The Wild Things Are, and I definitely loved Watership Down more…

  2. I am glad that you were able to use the meme. I enjoyed your responses. Isn’t it amazing how much reading shapes us? I still think of myself as the goofy kid reading in bed until way past my bedtime.

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