Thunderbird Falls

15. Thunderbird Falls (The Walker Papers) by C.E. Murphy. 408 p. Published May 2006.

Thunderbird Falls

In this sequel to Urban Shaman, we rejoin Joanne Walker as she attempts to juggle her roles as shaman, cop, and friend. Ok, so admittedly, she’s been a little weak on keeping up with her shaman training. But that’s going to have to change, because she just found the body of a young woman in her gym’s shower. And while the police believe it’s simple heart failute, Jo sees something far more occult.

Using her abilities to surf the plains between this world and others, Jo comes upon a mysterious power and a coven intent on raising Virissong, who is, in essence, a fallen god. But something isn’t right, and as Jo joins the coven to investigate, she unwittingly puts not only her life – but those of her friends – in danger. And the only solution is to embrace the destiny and heritage that she has fled from her entire life. And get help from some very unexpected places.

Murphy does a stunning job of maintaining a thrilling pace while developing true depth in Walker’s character. The conflict created between Jo and, in essence, herself, is gripping. Even as Jo believes she has accepted her shaman duties, circumstance and introspect reveal how much she is still hiding. Murphy pushes Jo to an edge that few people can relate to, but everyone can appreciate. Throw in the usual mix of wry humor and moderate self-loathing, and you’ve apparently got the perfect heroine. All in all though, this was a pretty solid novel.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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