Fell: Feral City

GN 3. Fell: Feral City by Warren Ellis. Illustrated by Ben Templesmith. Published May 2007.

Feral City Fell: Feral City is the TPB collecting the first 8 issues of Fell.

Detective Richard Fell has been transferred across the river to Snowtown, a “collapsing urban trashzone.” There, Fell must contend with the darkest consequences of man’s depravity. Haunted by his past, stalked by a nun in a nixon mask, and pushed to the limits of his humanity, Fell can only find some normality in a local bar and its bartender, Mayko. And she spends their first night together putting a hot branding iron to his neck.

The cast of characters in Fell is truly disturbing. Each part is more twisted than the last, constantly challenging the humanity of both Fell and the reader. Ellis pulls from a combination of real stories and his own twisted view of mankind to create a captivating and horrifying novel.

Ben Templesmith, known for his stunning use of contrast and vivid detail, truly renders Fell a masterpiece. The art, reminiscent of his work portraying the undead in 30 Days of Night and Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, shows Templesmith’s take on the living. The innocent and evil are both marked by his vision.

Fell: Feral City is a great graphic novel. It is definitely my favorite work for both Ellis and Templesmith. Its captivating pages draw you into Snowtown and Fell’s plight. I have recommended this to countless friends, and all of them have come back happily disturbed.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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