Weekly Geek #2 Wrap-up Post

This is the wrap-up post for The Weekly Geeks #2 Challenge, which I mention here.

Admittedly, my “week” was more like two days, but I’d like to think I did relatively well. Luckily I have a lot fewer reviews than most people, so it was easier to find others and edit the posts.

I really enjoyed this challenge. It gave me the opportunity to see what others thought of the same books and read how they reviewed them. The hardest part was going through all the other participants. Not all of them are book blogs, which means organization is not a high priority. And Google Blogsearch was a really great asset for the few books I’ve read that are a tad less main-stream.

All in all, had a great time. Many thanks to The Hidden Side of the Leaf for organizing this challenge despite his busy week.

I plan on sticking with this policy (and my daily hits have nearly tripled), so if you have any reviews that match mine, please let me know.


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